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For Parents & Guardians

We’re here to help you understand your child care options so you find a safe, healthy, quality early childhood education provider.


If you’re looking for child care, we’ll help you find programs that meet your specific circumstances.


A good match is essential. The provider that’s right for one family may not be right for another. Many factors can influence your decision. Your personal values, culture, your child’s developmental stage, special needs, and provider location are just a few considerations.


If you’re looking for info on financial assistance, we’ll help you determine your eligibility and, if you qualify, we’ll assist with navigating the complex child care subsidy system.

Contact us at 617.542.5437 (KIDS).


We know the routes to relevant information – the rules, the organizations, and the players.

Sharing our resources and administrative know-how will help you achieve your goals and ours – delivering the highest quality, affordable child care in the most effective way.

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to fill out all of these forms, but you can expect a lot of paperwork as you find your way to the right child care. Check below to see which forms are relevant to your situation. Submit completed forms to

Client Policies Packet

To be completed by all families obtaining a voucher for the first time, and at each reauthorization.

Documentation Required for Voucher Authorizations and Reauthorizations

An outline of supporting documentation required to verify your eligibility for a child care voucher.

Approved Break In Care Form

Request approval to suspend your subsidy for an extended period of time.

Household Income Statement

List household sources of income from you and other family members.

EEC Confirmation of Provider

Give this to your child care provider to confirm your child’s enrollment. If you’re changing your voucher provider, this confirms when and where your child will be enrolling next.

CCCB End Of Placement Form

Verifies that you have given proper notice of changing your provider before your current voucher’s end date.

Temporary Change Form

This form should be used to report changes to your eligibility such as time limited absence from a service need due to illness or need to care for a family member (including maternity/paternity leave), interruption in work for a seasonal worker, reduction in service need hours, change or ending of a parent’s service need that lasts less than 26 weeks, and a change of residency within the Commonwealth

EEC Employment Verification Forms

If you are newly employed and do not yet have a full month of paystubs, you and your employer use these to confirm your employment.

Transportation Request Form CCCB

If your child care program offers transportation services and they have it included as part of their Voucher Agreement, you can request that transportation costs be included on your voucher.

EEC Verification Disability Special Need Child Form

Verifies your child’s disability/special need and confirms the type of program that would best address and/or improve that disability/need.

EEC Verification Disability Special Need Parent Form

Used to request a variance to the service need requirement. A medical professional must verify a parent’s disability/special need and explain how it prevents a parent from working and how it impacts their ability to provide a safe environment to care for their child.